I’m originally from North Alabama but have spent the last 30 years in Texas and Florida. I’ve recently retired from a career as an Electrical Engineer and Project Manager where I handled multi-million dollar projects in pulp and paper mills. Now that I’m retired I have a lot more time for developing my  photography business and spending time on my hobbies of videography, shooting sports, fly fishing and just walking on the beach.
My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic that my parents got me (probably to get me to leave their 35mm camera alone). I carried it many places including Idaho to a Boy Scout National Jamboree. My first exposure to SLR cameras was borrowing my Brother in Law’s Pentax Spotmatic and shooting with it. That whet the appetite and led to my first ‘real’ camera which was a Yashica rangefinder. It was eventually stolen but I then got my first of several Pentax SLRs, the Pentax ME. This camera went all over the US with me and taught me a lot about photography since everything was film and you didn’t want to waste a shot. I still have those cameras. I got into the darkroom side of things with black and white film developing in my darkened bathroom and making contact sheets to see if I wanted to print anything. I later got access to a real darkroom and delved into color printing as well as advancing my black and white printing skills.
When my children came along my photography moved to the family snapshot phase with a lot of video work as well. Once they got older I got the urge for a new digital camera and got a Nikon D5200. It served me well for a number of years and got donated to my son who is using it as his starter DSLR. I now shoot with Nikon full frame products and a variety of lenses. My local focus is beach scenes from the Amelia Island, Florida area but also photographs taken while traveling. My favorite types of photography are landscape and wildlife with travel coming in third. I've also expanded my business into headshot photography.
I can be found on Instagram at @buddypricephotography or click the link below

Some Random Facts
I have a YouTube channel for fly tying (www.YouTube.com/FlyFishVideo)
My first movie was a stop action build of a Lego house shot in 8mm film
I’ve been to 48 of the 50 states with Hawaii and Rhode Island being the holdouts
I’ve been to four of the seven continents
I hold degrees in Biology, Chemistry and Electrical Engineering
For many years my favorite landscape photographer was Eliot Porter whose work in the Smokey Mountains and Antarctica was inspiring. I still have his books.
My slide collection from the film days fills four boxes and numbers in the 2-3 thousand slide range. I’m currently starting to digitize them with a Nikon ES-2 and macro lens.
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